Thursday, 29 January 2009

Banjir - Flood

Today is the 2nd time for January 2009 that I cannot go to work due to the flood which happened drastically. 1st was last week and 2nd is today. Some pictures which I was able to shoot today (didnt went out to the water fear of snakes, liches etc... just stand where I can see my legs clearly)

Image below taken behind my house from my room

Before getting my foot wet, manage to capture this image

The whole road was fully filled with muddy cold water flood (from my right)
(from my left)

A 4 weeler tried to go through the flood (no comment on this)

I zoomed my camera to this man, look at the water level from the image below

My neighbour also tooked the chance to shoot the disaster

Classic !! Wonder if the owner was aware.

Monday, 19 January 2009


FYI: Received from my colleague and I manage to stick this COOL message on 
my wall !! Haha... No Fear to my bosses as I will be quitting soon, indeed !!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Old Car & New Car

Napa nah kereta ku ?? Hehe... Overhaul sehari ato d Lmbk... Well, it was in the evening while driving with my sister and maid in the car. Skalinya kan, bunyi mcm kotak minuman kena junak tapi basar or like a piece of cloth you tear into two. Tkajut pulg mula2, then ku taruskan jua... It was dark masa kn masuk junction (tmpt Berakas Power Station yg menuju Jalan Badil ahh) While we were on Jalan Badil kan, ada bau rubber burn dah. So ku turunkn tabuk semua and jalan plahan ja smpai2 k rumah my cuzen ngam2 dapan rumahnya tarus mati engine *panic* (ari g ujan p mbarai2 ja lah) kuar tah ku ne sma my maid nyurung kn parking then my sis dlm kereta kira mulas2 stering ahh... So pas tuu masuk ku ddlm rumah my cuzen n panggil my dad Esuk paginya, tepun penunda keta insurance hehe n masuk woksop... So while nungu2 smpi baik den my prnts bali kn keta baru *smile* eseh... keta lama rusak keta bru bali haha... ramai org ckp2 anak manja bnr tapi bukan kali ahh sal andang jua durg plan kn bali p bukan kerana kereta ku rosak yo, ato teruk bnr desire demand ku haha...
My new car nanti will be like the picture attach sini =D it's Kia Sorento pulg hehe... Kereta ku yg baru ane (adeh, kereta ku ehh, jgn inda galat haha) will be out by this week *hyper to the max* pa nya org, 'Bau Cina' ?? Gong Xi Fat Chai kn nda g lama LOL... [i consider this as New Year present... haha, labih2]