Friday, 29 August 2008


Today, 29th of August and in the Muslim calender it is my birthday (again) hehe... 28 Syaaban is the date when I was born in the Muslim Calendar. My colleagues and I went for lunch today as because this is the last lunch for us before the upcoming Ramadhan coming very soon (",)/`

Every year I always wish for a better Ramadhan and a better Syawal hehe, I guess that is the spirit of the special month... "Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Yang Bakal Menjelang dan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa".

Saturday, 23 August 2008

EA Shades

In the afternoon, I went shopping with my parents and I was hunting for some hot dying shades. Went from downtown to uptown and way back *phew*. As time was getting to eve, I got stuck with the Emporio Armani Shades... Damn !! It was so cool that look hot on me LOL... Well, I don't have a picture of it with me neither I can browse it on the internet. Why I did not buy the EA Shades now is because, I don't even know why...

I also like two of them namely Oakley and Porsche Design. I can only get the chance to put it on my face but it is just too hot where it acline from my targetted budget hehe... Although I really love Hugo Boss but I could not find the perfect match with me today. 

My search for the shades ends by 21:00 hrs back home on Saturday night where I am now typing and posting =D I will continue my hunt again soon before the upcoming HARI RAYA this OCTOBER !!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


PSP-3000 shipping worldwide in October !!

If it's that cool feature is better than current PSP-2000 then I assume it is worth waiting for... well, perhaps grab one will be much of an experience hands-on practice hehe... Browse the internet for more information =D

20th August 2008

It is now or never decision for me to make... Well, today is my 1st year anniversary of working with The Company along with EJ. Congrates to EJ of getting a better contract than mine hehe, totally unexpected and surprising after a year we've been through together.
Fair or unfair, the power is out of reach for both of us but no matter what we are still friends and will always be friends. I do understand that our line managers have different point of view individually but yet we stand strong to strife towards a better future.

It was a year ago and I still remember it clearly... I was late for the first day of work haha, rushing through the winds while speeding my 4x4 wheeler on the roads. Went to the HQ and was so glad to see a stranger, young man indeed. I expected the unexpected from The Room. Thought he was my colleague and was so happy to get a new friend in my workplace but eventually after signing contracts, waiting in queues, taking Smart Cards ID's along with a photo-shot we were assign on different NIA Buildings and Departments. 

Today we have make our decisions clearly by signing to The Paper. Another year for me and double for you. I am always worry for my friends boat and I don't know where my river will flow mine.