Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah

Saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah to all Muslims (mudah2an inda terlambat kn greet biskita yang membace hehe)

* Purposely didn't upload any pictures for general reason.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Wishing all the my friends and colleagues (non-muslim who celebrates Xmas) a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May this holiday season brings you happiness with your loved ones =D

Thursday, 11 December 2008

PlayStation Home Open Beta Launches Today !!

Guess what you gamers out there !! Check out the PS Home today and you'll be surprise, more info check this link !! (Posting redudant is a waste when you will be reading the same info)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hari Raya Aidladha

It's more than a month now and I've been busy with my life sorting my application to Uni in KL and busy with my job in BSP (expose secret ku haha)... Well, di kesempatan ane, I would like to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha / Haji" to all Muslims. Takbir raya 3 hari so I guess masih inda terlambat lah kan post ane hehe...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Al-Fatihah to Mohd Hatta Bin Haji Minor Absah

Shocking news on one of my colleague who happens to be one of my Learning Adviser (LA) in my department. He passed-away on Saturday... I received an SMS from one of my colleague half-hour to mid-night. Surprised and shocked, i stop eating in my friends house in Serasa Beach.

Mohd Hatta ; at first when i was been introduce to him, i taught he was some Japanese man cause the name Hatta sounds like one. He was one of the best LA i've ever encounter and the most supporting ever. Never once he make a fool of me and blame mistakes but indeed his advise and words of wisdom were always there.

The news and picture of late Mohd Hatta are posted by my colleague Masyani (AKA) Dexxy.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Hair Cut

I've just got my hair-cut about 21 days ago (before the Raya commence). Then yesterday, on Saturday afternoon I went to the Mall and decide to have a hair-cut again hehe... Nothing much to say but here goes my short-hair...
Why did I cut my hair was because I'm flying off soon and in order to look like a 'good-boi' i've gotta chop my long-hair off and btw, I'm not sure whether i look good with long-hair tho. For the moment, i'll keep it short and smart (will try)...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mohd Helmi bin Haji Sabtu (version 2)

To readers of my blog, I've posted about my friend Helmi (aka) Boii on last month post. Some may recall and some may not. This is the latest update that I've got since last week.

He was been discharged 2 days before the Hari Raya commence (2nd October, 2008). I text him on an invitation to my 'open-house' which was held on the 4th October, 2008. He did not reply stating his attendance or absence, I assume he might be able to make it along with his family / friends. Just few days after that, I was curious on his health so I text him informing with a reason that I wanted to come over and visit him since it is still Hari Raya (up till 1 month). He reply my text and inform me that he was been warded back to the hospital. I was shock of what he told me that he went for a surgical. He didn't text much but stating his status that he was admitted and he is not available at home. I dare not inquiry more via SMS but rather pay a visit soon.

[since I've not yet visit him, due to work loads in the office and barely could reach home by early evening so I probably should stop till here for now version 2, will update more on version 3 and i hope it can be a good news]

Friday, 10 October 2008

Accident during dawn

This happens to me few days when the Hari Raya was going to commence (2008). It was early morning (dawn before the sun rise), my family and I were planing to go to Lawas to visit our Grandma's cemetery and some of my dad's late relatives too. On a flat highway where the visibility was quite dark and dim street lights, I step on my pedal to accelerate about 130 km/h (if I was not mistaken). In a sudden, a 'thing' about 5 meters from my front right went in front of me *bloops* it sounded. I could not break on the spot or else my car along with my family will be in serious trouble. After it hit the 'thing' I have a look on my rear and side mirrors and could barely see anything. 
[skipping to points]
Have a look at what happen below, I've tooked this picture as I arrived in Temburong. People on the road were looking and staring at my car with the 'What the heck happen ??' face on them haha...
My fog light was hanging and I cut and pull it off but the other side stays. I was trying to browse for something as evidence that I've hit the 'thing' on the road. Not even a single proof I can find but it wreck my fiber glass from my front grill as per below image...
Then, after I've fix everything that's a week after the incident, my car looks good as new as per image below... Super bright platinum white hehe... And ohh btw, this image below was taken last night after I went Raya with my friends...
And now you all know that I am driving a Japanese car too =D By the image, you all know the type, model and colour but not the plate license hehe...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back online

.........................[connecting to server 1691].........................
.........[connection to server is back online].........

*phew* what a relief !! It's been like 2 weeks (or more) now that I've not been going online and especially updating my blog here... I've got internet connection problem here at home in my room hehe =D The main problem is that, my landline in my room is not working and I've got to connect my splitter along with my modem and router in my parents room... !!

Cemana ku kan online main PS3 ne, mun wifi lmbt kali ahh biasa pakai LAN... Hmm... Ne downloading movies pun batah !! Ehh, it is now still Raya hehe, lupa lah... Well, I've done update ne sikit (pa jua ane haha) I will update about my trip to Sarawak, Boii's condition and my Raya Festival so far hehe... I'm departing home too (this will be mention soon)... Mbah kan beraya dulu peramba ne sama kawan2 *eseh*...  Later you all !!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mohd Helmi bin Haji Sabtu

To Readers, kindly help me to pray for a friend of mine 'Mohd Helmi bin Haji Sabtu' AKA Boii. 

He is now warded in the RIPAS Hospital after going an operation about 2 weeks ago. He got a tumor on-top of his spinal-cord where the back-bone is located that was affecting his nerves veins . Boii is now suffering to get well soon. Now he is trying to move his legs / toes and I'm praying that his blood will flow normally to his legs so he can walk back as usual and play soccer like before. Since Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming-up and Lailatul Qadar is around, all I'm asking is to help him by praying for him to get well soon. I thank to you all in advance for doing a great deed, may Allah repay the goodness in you, Amin.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Hari Raya Songs

Dear Readers,

I have just uploaded my some of my favourite Hari Raya Aidilfitri songs on the side bar. You can enjoy listening to the songs whilst reading my blog. 

P.S.: Semangat raya kali ahh  hehe...


Thursday, 11 September 2008

September 11

NY back few years ago... If you still remember the tragic which strike the World Trade Center ?? Well, that doesn't have anything to do with this post of mine hehe... I just thought of the date today and flash my memory back.

Today masuk yg ke 10 hari puasa in Brunei Darussalam for this year 2008. Got 20 more days in counting for the HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, yip yip horray !! 

Check list;
  • Cara Melayu [check, nunggu ngambil ja g d kadai]
  • Kasut [inda payah, pasal kasut taun lapas ada 3 & 1 inda bpakai]
  • Sinjang d kadai [TBA, msh pikir2 kn bali atau inda, kira kan matching wah...]
  • Porsche Design Shades [ooooh, gonna get 1 soon, indeed]
  • Jam tangan EA [eseh, mcm banar saja kan mbali]
  • Kereta BMW [tunggu tah ne mun ada rezeki]
Ato semua kwn2 adalah check list peramba toh... Actually kan, mcm tinggal satu barang wah... Apa nah ?? Sapa dpt teka apa yg tinggal ??


Haha... Buelh cya lupa ku ku kn simpan dlm check list hehe... For me lah ahh, inda bsongkok tym beraya ne (f makai cara melayu) inda complete rasanya... Pa guna hari raya mun adat kan d modern kan haha, apakan... Krg ia jua nya nda ku bsongkok tuu haha... Liat lah cemana dulu f ku mengusut tym raya nda lah kai p f mcm OK sja mood ku nda ngusut2 kpanasan o pa2 yg dpt menyebabkn inda makai den tinggal tia dlm keta tuu hehe...

Friday, 29 August 2008


Today, 29th of August and in the Muslim calender it is my birthday (again) hehe... 28 Syaaban is the date when I was born in the Muslim Calendar. My colleagues and I went for lunch today as because this is the last lunch for us before the upcoming Ramadhan coming very soon (",)/`

Every year I always wish for a better Ramadhan and a better Syawal hehe, I guess that is the spirit of the special month... "Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Yang Bakal Menjelang dan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa".

Saturday, 23 August 2008

EA Shades

In the afternoon, I went shopping with my parents and I was hunting for some hot dying shades. Went from downtown to uptown and way back *phew*. As time was getting to eve, I got stuck with the Emporio Armani Shades... Damn !! It was so cool that look hot on me LOL... Well, I don't have a picture of it with me neither I can browse it on the internet. Why I did not buy the EA Shades now is because, I don't even know why...

I also like two of them namely Oakley and Porsche Design. I can only get the chance to put it on my face but it is just too hot where it acline from my targetted budget hehe... Although I really love Hugo Boss but I could not find the perfect match with me today. 

My search for the shades ends by 21:00 hrs back home on Saturday night where I am now typing and posting =D I will continue my hunt again soon before the upcoming HARI RAYA this OCTOBER !!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


PSP-3000 shipping worldwide in October !!

If it's that cool feature is better than current PSP-2000 then I assume it is worth waiting for... well, perhaps grab one will be much of an experience hands-on practice hehe... Browse the internet for more information =D

20th August 2008

It is now or never decision for me to make... Well, today is my 1st year anniversary of working with The Company along with EJ. Congrates to EJ of getting a better contract than mine hehe, totally unexpected and surprising after a year we've been through together.
Fair or unfair, the power is out of reach for both of us but no matter what we are still friends and will always be friends. I do understand that our line managers have different point of view individually but yet we stand strong to strife towards a better future.

It was a year ago and I still remember it clearly... I was late for the first day of work haha, rushing through the winds while speeding my 4x4 wheeler on the roads. Went to the HQ and was so glad to see a stranger, young man indeed. I expected the unexpected from The Room. Thought he was my colleague and was so happy to get a new friend in my workplace but eventually after signing contracts, waiting in queues, taking Smart Cards ID's along with a photo-shot we were assign on different NIA Buildings and Departments. 

Today we have make our decisions clearly by signing to The Paper. Another year for me and double for you. I am always worry for my friends boat and I don't know where my river will flow mine.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

twenty - fifth

Arigatogozaimasu (nda g ada bsalam ne, jadi Jepun dah haha) to all my friends and colleagues yang telah menjayakan (mcm rancangan TV saja hehe) surprise birthday party for me yang buat me, myself and aku speechless and malu kali ku haha... Manakan, di canteen office lagi adoi2... Everything was very well plan by them (EO jua bnr) tapi yang hairannya aku inda perasan langsung ane wah hehe...

I was suppose to upload this image and post this on / during my birthday on June the 10th but tlalai saja iatah inda ada masa kan edit2 post ane... Via dis I would like to thanks all of you but I know not much know about my existing blog but at least my friends who read this knows that my colleagues do remmember my birthday and they do care... Eseh apakan, emosi pulg aku ane skadar birthday haha... Tapi thanks jua to my family, cuzens, friends yg msg2, bagi testi2 d tmpt lain, greetings via radio ada lagi org East sanggup bgun subuh2 haha n ohh yeah my peeps yg d KL, Spore, Aussie, Indon, Borneo jua d ucapakn ribuan bnyk2 skali THANK YOU !! Wadoh2, mcm sambutan basar2an pulg haha... 

Ok, aku ane jgn inda saja kan update blog ku ane sal ramai dah org tagur ku why ku nda update2 post baru... Classic wah jwpn ku, "Busy with my career" Well, banar kali ahh hehe... Ok2, bcoz + malas jua wah kn post2 sal kmu (sapa2 yg pernah tagur n terbaca n membaca ane nda jua bagi2 comment hehe...) baca2 saja n nda jua mau buat blog den nda g ada comment tuu (kmu nda dpt bagi comment sal kmu nda blog lah tuu, settings ku wah tuu sini ahh hehehe...) Mbah, ne ja lu ayt, krg pnjng2 boring kmu... (nda idea g wah hehe...) 

Monday, 25 February 2008

-: Double Trouble :-

Ok, ane ceta ku yg paling ku nda suka lah. Kira segmen stress ku lah hehe... It all starts 2 weeks ago, my colleague ane cuti......... Tym nya ada kaja, nda ku tau pa kajanya yg bz brabiz ane wah smpai mun kn cari ia pun punya pyh... Well, i understand pulg wat he do p sometimes i duno y he is stress komplain2 tia arah kmi sorang2...

Early morning on Monday: I was working trying to complete my work and replying emails then alum g panas wah kerusi ku ahh kena radio tia ku kena suruh k sana lah, sini lah... Mcm2 karenah org yg ada ne wah, manja2 wah sorang2... Dah ku abis ahh, ada
 tia org tua ane, ia ane mun kn bhajat manis wah mulutnya (jgn saja makan dpuji), ku andang paham dah ia ane... Sometimes or should i say, most of the time ia ane 'tray two face' hahaha... =p kira talam dua muka wah... Dpuji2nya ne yg nda2 rah ku ahh, well aku ane bukan pulg apa gnya i know if jenis org muji ane wah... Puji2 berisi tau ku dah, puji2 ikhlas buleh lah hehehe... Cya, ia suruh aku clearkn PC wah yg bhabuk2 ane k tmpt lain. Sruhnya ku masukkan k dlm store apa ne dulu then kuar tia supervisor ku... Dis bitch
 i really hate brabiz yo !! Shes a deep slutty bitch wah. D suruhnya ku angkay PC2 ato n panyap bisai2 k atas extension meja ku kaja ahh, ato ia... !! Nda baie dmana tah lagi toh... Yg hairannya ku ato nda mlwn wah, sal mula2 ku pikir kaja kwn ku yg ku ganti ane iatah ku pun nda jua sure so ku buat tah saja...

Tuesday story: Then ane second day lah ku ganti kwn ku, mcm2 ne complain sal PC IT apa... Ada yg ok p i tink kn semua kali sal yg nda ok ato ingat2 ku mcm nda jua hehehe... Alum ku start kaja kali ahh, buleh ?? Ane, kn tgh hari bru ku start kali ne sal apa nda ku ingat g coz its 2 weeks ago wah... Ingat2 ku kaja ku bnyk lum siap lah then supervisor ku g toh bagi email n copy semua yg ia mengarahkan ku mealih PC2 atas meja ku asap... Antah ko !! Sendiri ko mbuat, mcm tah ku ada msa free kan raise order, ckp pun nda kn tau... Raise ane lah p salah yo... LOL...

Hari Wednesday: Ane tah yg hari ku malu ne yo, tym ane ku always hope that kaja kwn ku ane nda teruk wah n kaja ku kira buleh ku siapkan lah... Bru ku masuk office then ada this post-it note stating yg im been order to move some PC bla... bla.
.. bla.. Tarus tah ku bjln k office org yg nyuruh ku ane, ku g nda pernah buat order2 ane, sal kaja ku lain n kaja kwn ku yg ku ganti ane g lain, so ku tepun tah org yg berkenaan minta tolong... Baik jua ada org mau advise ku cna2... Skali ku liat email ku, adoi2... Baik pulg ku kaja jadi central email saja nah hahaha... Cya tym tgh hari ahh, ku ato mcm2 wah email ku yg urgent cukup dgn ada g or mau capat2 mcm2 dlm email, smpai nda ku tkabir wah kaja2 ku ahh... I cant believe tym ane ku ternangish wah =( Nda smana2... Adoi2, ato ia tarus ku k jmbn laju2 hahaha, shyt !! I tink too much in my brain tym ane + panic kaja nda siap + server down sialan jua toh...

Thursday creeps: The more i tink bout my work, the more stre
ss and sakit pala ku mikir2 kn sal kelmarin ahh... Rasa ku kn minta cuti wah, bnr tah p ku gurantee jua nda dpt sal aku ganti org then aku tah g minta cuti, haha... nda cali toh boi... hehe... !! Kira andang ku target dah ne kaja ku nda tkabir g tapi baik jua lah sikit hehe sal at least ku minta tolong rah org lain. Yg ku hairan durg ne pikir ku ane ok2 saja kali wah or maybe... (well thinking negative tah ne haha)... Hairan ku jua masih, bagas2 kelmarin ada org2 offer help wah hehe =D

Then it's Friday: Ane tym ane ku nda mcm prasan something fishy bout kwn2 ku dgn ku kaja lah... Yg ku prasan and trasa that, they only need me 
when they are in need of me and when they are glad, im out of their name list. Adoi2, is it just my feelings or is it im stress or is it apa ahh ?? Iatah tym kn lunch, ku ane malas kn bwa kwn2 ku p dah ku pikir2kn, mcm jahat jua aku ato mun sampai ati hahaha... Mau inda mau, dgn hati yg tpaksa ku bawa saja tia durg ane... Iatah ku prasan starting ari ane yg mun tym kaja, pyh2 ku kn minta tolong p mun tym kn lunch adoi2, rajin wah sorang2 btanya aku haha... Was i a fool ?? Shame on me !!

Weekends: Got nothing much to say coz i got no mood and not much leisure tym to spend too... Ntah, maybe tlampau labih kaja ato ngaleh tia jua aku ato... I did text my frens p its been a while ku nda text2 durg and lama jua ku nda chill2 ane ntah 
durg pikir ku apa kah, nda tau lah hehe... I juz havent knoe how to divide my tym yet even tho kaja kn 6 bulan dah... I only liat DVD dumah, o9 chat2, surf2 apa2 sja yg siuk2 haha... Yo, jgn pikir2 lain2 ahh hehe...

Back to Monday: Ane g tia baie, pikir kwn ku yg ku ganti ne ok dah... Damam ia n ambil MC haha, chibai kian !! Well, maybe i can understand org balik2 blyr lah kirakan tapi dude, im not stupid lah !! Cya tym blyar, langsung nda ia tepun2 aku 
tnya2 kabar kah apa n cna kaja... Dude, aku mengganti ko kali ahh, at least tnya2 lah cna kaja ku apa ane mcm nda bdosa n nda butang pa2 wah... Though decision for me ptg ahh, bnyk kaja2 ku kira angan2 kn mbuat ptg ne p g tia teruk suk kami ada roadshow n bnyk PC kn ku pindah, usai, check... Gaji ku ane nda jua basar bnr, p kaja org ku ganti ane 3 kali ganda dari aku !! Shyt2 !!

Choosing Tuesday: Early morning dah ne kmi tpaksa k HQ wah... Ujan g pagi, apa nda sajuk badan hehe... Tym ane kwn ku yg baik lah hehe, cJam ane ia kn jumpa Doctor lah then ku ane planning kn dgni ia p tkut ku krg d HQ kena cari2 ku haha sal ku ganti kwn ku MC ahh...  Then i ask cJam ane bwa keta ku kira antar and ambil aku la
h, ia ane g takut2 kn bwa keta org... Pham pulg ku gnya desperate tym call for desperate measures sometimes hehehe... So tym2 tgh hari kmi ada FOC refreshments, lunch and snacks wah, ku lagaw tia suruh cJam dtg... Then jump to ptg, ku tpaksa k HQ sal my colleague yg ada dHQ ane nda mau nolong2 liat2kn PC2 ahh... Baie sialan jua toh, cuba tah paham2 sikit kn aku ane, dah tah ku ganti2 org minggu lapas then tmbah tah lagi 2 hari !! Fuck you all man hahaha... Tunggu ku ada power abis kmu haha, angan2... :-p

Wicked Wednesday: Ane yg ku hairan kwn ku yg 
ku ganti ato, pagi2 marung... Dude, mun kan marung2 ato jgn tah kaja, nda masa ku kn mliat mua org karas2 yo... Bynk g mua org dBndr lagi karas2 hahaha... Ane kmi k KB Town, ia minta dgni jua buat kajanya... ane ku cuba pahami lah sal ia lama cuti then tambah g MC 2 hari so ku undstnd emailnya btimbun lah... Ku nda kacau2 lah p ku cuba2 jua tolong2 p ku bagi2 supaya ia paham krg kaja ku nda tkabir lagi... Mana jua org lain kan paham ne, aku jua kena marah nda paidah2... Awu mun ku dah nda tahan g nahan rasa marah ku, abis meja tampik dua, eseh... kira juat dah toh haha...

Thursday: Str8 to the point that i feel safe workin
g in the morning p tym ptg, adoi2, mcm biasa lah, got to buat kaja kwn ku sal ia d KB alasanya simple, ia malas balik k Seria Town and ia minta tolong ku uruskan... Haha... sanag boi ko ckp, mun ku nda uruskan kira aku jua krg slah toh... I cant do much at this point sal ku nda tpikir pnjang wah, kaja timbun2 kali ahh... Malas tah ku kan buat pa2 p tolong2 ja...

Freaky Friday: Nda semana2 ku kn smbyg wah (dah susah baru ka ingat) adoi2... Ane kira ku kira energetic lah sikit sal mun kena bwa nyaya apa ku jwb balik dah hehe, sal kira ok lah ku dah ne... P msh jua kwn ku ane abil ksempatan nya... Nda ku mau krg baginya ku kaja yg sikit p process pnjng... Apa kah pikirnya aku ane... Im sure next week ku kn sindir ko ne, nda ku duli haha... buwoh, bnyk hajat ku kn jahat2 ne ahh... hmmm

Weekends: Brunei 24th National Day !! Nda ku tau kn ceta pa sini sal nda ku jalan2 bnyk n nda ku kn inagaw2 apa2... I feel so damn exhasuted saja coz it was a hell of a 2 weeks !! Bru tah ku pernah rasa nyaman brabis tido ku kn sehari nda ku bnyk bgarak ahh... Mana g ku damam sehari hehe iatah mbuat ku lamah nda tdaya kan bnyk kaja. It's my receovery time hehe...

Well peeps, those were the horrible not to details fact about my two weeks in work-place. Tell u what, dont work with respect to non-repecters, work with attitude to bull-shitters hahaha !! Sorry guys, too much of crab words ?? Probably my blood is boiling at some unknown microwavable point hehe...  

You'll never know when you found a true friend not until the value is lost !! True friends will do anything with you for you, where true colours will reveal not by coincidence but by choice.

Friday, 8 February 2008

MB063 =D

It's 4am and I'm still wide awake argghhh, mcm nda kn kaja wah ku esuk rasanya hahaha... I've been surfing all night long and been trying to discover something out of many things that my new laptop can do hehehe... Ndangnya, laptop baru ne mesti di liat2 jua hehehe... It's about 2 weeks old now since i have it =D P jgn jua, im a new-user then masa mula2 blur brabiz hahaha... Nda pernah makai Mac OS  then tarus2 makai, rajin kali ahh mbaca manualnya haha...Baik jua cJam (Jam bangga lah ko ne ahh ku smpan nama mu lol) nolong ku untuk mgetahui lebih lanjut dan cepat esehwah hehehe... N now, ku bangga lah sikit2 at least ku tdpt jua hehe + makai mcm pro (haha... pro tia krg) !!

Macam nda jua paidah2 ku mblog ahh hahaha, kira before ku mandi subuh ne kn kaja baik tah bkunyanyang sikit2 hehe sal ku jrg active sini ahh n ku tau jua nda jua org kn mbaca sini ne haha... Jadi tah asal ada tmpt ku mbual2 hahaha...

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Deliberate ??

I dream of things which are impossible for people to think. Well, what kind of things ?? Hmm... things like how you know about other people's mind, in fact like a mind reader. Not saying that I'm a freak or got super powers or something but it's the fact... Sometimes, it pops in my brain cell for information like the person's password beside me. Trust me, you don't want to get close to me for this reason cause I might be reading your dirty secrets which I wouldn't want to know too... Damn !! Why can't I read the other person's answers sitting around me ?? Maybe it was just my luck to know his or her password last time ?? Hmm... This has been haunting my life, ooooo (spooky sounds with the wind whirls) hehe... Okay, honestly I did got my friends password just by sitting next to them and suddenly *pops* it's kind of obscure for me to guess but I assume it was right. Oh why not give a try to asked them (rolling drum - hey I do need some effects here hehe, sorry people let's continue again - rolling drum) after I told them, it turns out I was right, yehaa !! Strike one !! Hehe... despite of my happiness it turns out they got shock; blur. I was happy to assume but they were contemplating. Why ?? Well, I guess it's when you know a security code for a nuclear bomb, don't you think people will be afraid of you to know their pin numbers or any of your dark secrets ??

Okay, here is another one. How would you feel or how would you respond when a person, enters your dream showing what they want you to understand ?? In the dream, your sitting beside them, while they are in pain and trying to tell you something, a message maybe... Then when you woke up, you don't feel right and you try to figure it out. You hope it is just a silly dream then it turns out whoever is in your dreams are dying... Not an easy one !! I myself, don't even like to think about it but maybe it was something that I don't want to understand or except. Few days later, you received a bad news saying that person is no longer here or else where. Your mind recalls the dream, so how would you feel and how would you respond then ?? Well, ask me this and I’m going to say, I should have pray for them and asked for forgiveness.

Hmm... the point of the two paragraph is that, this is not an ubiquitous 'thing', some people think I deliberately know it from others by force but hey, if others don't even know it, how do you think I get it ?? Well, the 'thing' does comes in handy sometimes hehe but I'm not sure where is it now ?? I used to have dreams to discover some information but it does not appear in my dreams now a days, wonder why... Perhaps it WAS my luck or maybe it IS my luck, yet...not known. To survive or to be perish ?? That's the question I've been asking myself... It's been a year now that I'm having a simple or should I say 'normal' life. It's great and I enjoy it too especially with my friends and family. There are some strangers turn to be my friend then left as my guess. (Well, I won't describe it as my enemy because I think it's a little harsh hehe...) Oh please, you'll make my day (",) You are afraid of the 'thing' I'm having then you turn your back on me. Left me in the deep water but again my question is, to survive or to be perish ?? Before that, I'll deliberately eliminate the grift within me and strife accross the ocean in the deep water.

I'll always remember the guardian angel who appears in my nightmare and saved me. Love and peace to you all my friends... Choose your true friends by heart not by hard !!

Mcm membual wah aku ne, eh bukan lagi mcm... ia udah ne hahaha... Ku ne kuat mbual nya kwn2 ku yg telah merapati aku dan yg ku rapati hehehe... Ckp pun nda menantu kdg2 p ada kalanya ku serious hantap yo !! P jrg lah, kdg2 ja, mun org kasar ckp then, padas jua ku membalas toh =p huhu... Ato ja bualan peramba masa ane... Bubye...

Friday, 4 January 2008

The New Begining

Hola Everybody !! This is my first post and I doubt my confidence to post stuffs which maybe crap haha...

Behold myself as a person who likes to surf the world via internet and chat via IM's. Thinking of the global-warming sometimes, wierd huh ?? Wow, I type down useless information which some of you peeps might find irrelevant haha...

Hey EJ, guess what ?? I just created a blog hahaha... Yeah blog man !! Thanks to my colleague, ejam AKA EJ who has convince me so far =p but it's on my own desire too man !! No wories hehe... Little info on EJ --> A guy whom I meet on the 1st day of my job and on his 1st day too. Good brother, talkative, friendly, laugh loud, strong imagination all this is when we know him after a while... Sorry dude, got to describe something bout you, at least hehehe...

Ok ok, let's get serious with this... I don't usually use to this type of things of where elaborating my particulars meticularly hehe, but hey, why not give a shot ??

I graduated from a private college (MIC) last 2006 and started my career in one of the leading company in the world last 2007. Why I type down it's leading is because it is... hehe, it's Shell tho =D Started making new friends with some strangers and getting unwanted attention is not new things for me in life.

Come to think of my life, I would desire to start a family soon but unfortunately I am own by no one. Come to desire to love, my demand of life practiculary stops me from going on. Why ?? When ?? Who ?? Those are the three common W's that are been asked from my friends and family.

Life is full of colours I might say. Isn't it ?? Family are my aura and friends are my colours. It reflects every point to the edge on how things are run in our routine.

For my first blog, I assume it is best for me to stop now because I have not yet much to type. Till the next time, we shall meet again hehe...