Sunday, 13 January 2008

Deliberate ??

I dream of things which are impossible for people to think. Well, what kind of things ?? Hmm... things like how you know about other people's mind, in fact like a mind reader. Not saying that I'm a freak or got super powers or something but it's the fact... Sometimes, it pops in my brain cell for information like the person's password beside me. Trust me, you don't want to get close to me for this reason cause I might be reading your dirty secrets which I wouldn't want to know too... Damn !! Why can't I read the other person's answers sitting around me ?? Maybe it was just my luck to know his or her password last time ?? Hmm... This has been haunting my life, ooooo (spooky sounds with the wind whirls) hehe... Okay, honestly I did got my friends password just by sitting next to them and suddenly *pops* it's kind of obscure for me to guess but I assume it was right. Oh why not give a try to asked them (rolling drum - hey I do need some effects here hehe, sorry people let's continue again - rolling drum) after I told them, it turns out I was right, yehaa !! Strike one !! Hehe... despite of my happiness it turns out they got shock; blur. I was happy to assume but they were contemplating. Why ?? Well, I guess it's when you know a security code for a nuclear bomb, don't you think people will be afraid of you to know their pin numbers or any of your dark secrets ??

Okay, here is another one. How would you feel or how would you respond when a person, enters your dream showing what they want you to understand ?? In the dream, your sitting beside them, while they are in pain and trying to tell you something, a message maybe... Then when you woke up, you don't feel right and you try to figure it out. You hope it is just a silly dream then it turns out whoever is in your dreams are dying... Not an easy one !! I myself, don't even like to think about it but maybe it was something that I don't want to understand or except. Few days later, you received a bad news saying that person is no longer here or else where. Your mind recalls the dream, so how would you feel and how would you respond then ?? Well, ask me this and I’m going to say, I should have pray for them and asked for forgiveness.

Hmm... the point of the two paragraph is that, this is not an ubiquitous 'thing', some people think I deliberately know it from others by force but hey, if others don't even know it, how do you think I get it ?? Well, the 'thing' does comes in handy sometimes hehe but I'm not sure where is it now ?? I used to have dreams to discover some information but it does not appear in my dreams now a days, wonder why... Perhaps it WAS my luck or maybe it IS my luck, yet...not known. To survive or to be perish ?? That's the question I've been asking myself... It's been a year now that I'm having a simple or should I say 'normal' life. It's great and I enjoy it too especially with my friends and family. There are some strangers turn to be my friend then left as my guess. (Well, I won't describe it as my enemy because I think it's a little harsh hehe...) Oh please, you'll make my day (",) You are afraid of the 'thing' I'm having then you turn your back on me. Left me in the deep water but again my question is, to survive or to be perish ?? Before that, I'll deliberately eliminate the grift within me and strife accross the ocean in the deep water.

I'll always remember the guardian angel who appears in my nightmare and saved me. Love and peace to you all my friends... Choose your true friends by heart not by hard !!

Mcm membual wah aku ne, eh bukan lagi mcm... ia udah ne hahaha... Ku ne kuat mbual nya kwn2 ku yg telah merapati aku dan yg ku rapati hehehe... Ckp pun nda menantu kdg2 p ada kalanya ku serious hantap yo !! P jrg lah, kdg2 ja, mun org kasar ckp then, padas jua ku membalas toh =p huhu... Ato ja bualan peramba masa ane... Bubye...

Friday, 4 January 2008

The New Begining

Hola Everybody !! This is my first post and I doubt my confidence to post stuffs which maybe crap haha...

Behold myself as a person who likes to surf the world via internet and chat via IM's. Thinking of the global-warming sometimes, wierd huh ?? Wow, I type down useless information which some of you peeps might find irrelevant haha...

Hey EJ, guess what ?? I just created a blog hahaha... Yeah blog man !! Thanks to my colleague, ejam AKA EJ who has convince me so far =p but it's on my own desire too man !! No wories hehe... Little info on EJ --> A guy whom I meet on the 1st day of my job and on his 1st day too. Good brother, talkative, friendly, laugh loud, strong imagination all this is when we know him after a while... Sorry dude, got to describe something bout you, at least hehehe...

Ok ok, let's get serious with this... I don't usually use to this type of things of where elaborating my particulars meticularly hehe, but hey, why not give a shot ??

I graduated from a private college (MIC) last 2006 and started my career in one of the leading company in the world last 2007. Why I type down it's leading is because it is... hehe, it's Shell tho =D Started making new friends with some strangers and getting unwanted attention is not new things for me in life.

Come to think of my life, I would desire to start a family soon but unfortunately I am own by no one. Come to desire to love, my demand of life practiculary stops me from going on. Why ?? When ?? Who ?? Those are the three common W's that are been asked from my friends and family.

Life is full of colours I might say. Isn't it ?? Family are my aura and friends are my colours. It reflects every point to the edge on how things are run in our routine.

For my first blog, I assume it is best for me to stop now because I have not yet much to type. Till the next time, we shall meet again hehe...