Monday, 27 October 2008

Al-Fatihah to Mohd Hatta Bin Haji Minor Absah

Shocking news on one of my colleague who happens to be one of my Learning Adviser (LA) in my department. He passed-away on Saturday... I received an SMS from one of my colleague half-hour to mid-night. Surprised and shocked, i stop eating in my friends house in Serasa Beach.

Mohd Hatta ; at first when i was been introduce to him, i taught he was some Japanese man cause the name Hatta sounds like one. He was one of the best LA i've ever encounter and the most supporting ever. Never once he make a fool of me and blame mistakes but indeed his advise and words of wisdom were always there.

The news and picture of late Mohd Hatta are posted by my colleague Masyani (AKA) Dexxy.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Hair Cut

I've just got my hair-cut about 21 days ago (before the Raya commence). Then yesterday, on Saturday afternoon I went to the Mall and decide to have a hair-cut again hehe... Nothing much to say but here goes my short-hair...
Why did I cut my hair was because I'm flying off soon and in order to look like a 'good-boi' i've gotta chop my long-hair off and btw, I'm not sure whether i look good with long-hair tho. For the moment, i'll keep it short and smart (will try)...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mohd Helmi bin Haji Sabtu (version 2)

To readers of my blog, I've posted about my friend Helmi (aka) Boii on last month post. Some may recall and some may not. This is the latest update that I've got since last week.

He was been discharged 2 days before the Hari Raya commence (2nd October, 2008). I text him on an invitation to my 'open-house' which was held on the 4th October, 2008. He did not reply stating his attendance or absence, I assume he might be able to make it along with his family / friends. Just few days after that, I was curious on his health so I text him informing with a reason that I wanted to come over and visit him since it is still Hari Raya (up till 1 month). He reply my text and inform me that he was been warded back to the hospital. I was shock of what he told me that he went for a surgical. He didn't text much but stating his status that he was admitted and he is not available at home. I dare not inquiry more via SMS but rather pay a visit soon.

[since I've not yet visit him, due to work loads in the office and barely could reach home by early evening so I probably should stop till here for now version 2, will update more on version 3 and i hope it can be a good news]

Friday, 10 October 2008

Accident during dawn

This happens to me few days when the Hari Raya was going to commence (2008). It was early morning (dawn before the sun rise), my family and I were planing to go to Lawas to visit our Grandma's cemetery and some of my dad's late relatives too. On a flat highway where the visibility was quite dark and dim street lights, I step on my pedal to accelerate about 130 km/h (if I was not mistaken). In a sudden, a 'thing' about 5 meters from my front right went in front of me *bloops* it sounded. I could not break on the spot or else my car along with my family will be in serious trouble. After it hit the 'thing' I have a look on my rear and side mirrors and could barely see anything. 
[skipping to points]
Have a look at what happen below, I've tooked this picture as I arrived in Temburong. People on the road were looking and staring at my car with the 'What the heck happen ??' face on them haha...
My fog light was hanging and I cut and pull it off but the other side stays. I was trying to browse for something as evidence that I've hit the 'thing' on the road. Not even a single proof I can find but it wreck my fiber glass from my front grill as per below image...
Then, after I've fix everything that's a week after the incident, my car looks good as new as per image below... Super bright platinum white hehe... And ohh btw, this image below was taken last night after I went Raya with my friends...
And now you all know that I am driving a Japanese car too =D By the image, you all know the type, model and colour but not the plate license hehe...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back online

.........................[connecting to server 1691].........................
.........[connection to server is back online].........

*phew* what a relief !! It's been like 2 weeks (or more) now that I've not been going online and especially updating my blog here... I've got internet connection problem here at home in my room hehe =D The main problem is that, my landline in my room is not working and I've got to connect my splitter along with my modem and router in my parents room... !!

Cemana ku kan online main PS3 ne, mun wifi lmbt kali ahh biasa pakai LAN... Hmm... Ne downloading movies pun batah !! Ehh, it is now still Raya hehe, lupa lah... Well, I've done update ne sikit (pa jua ane haha) I will update about my trip to Sarawak, Boii's condition and my Raya Festival so far hehe... I'm departing home too (this will be mention soon)... Mbah kan beraya dulu peramba ne sama kawan2 *eseh*...  Later you all !!