Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Other Day

I thought I was on my way to a perfect life but unfortunately there are some obstacles that I need to face. Just like when I’m driving on the high-way then suddenly I’ve got to stop because of the red light. Well, let’s make it this way; The Day Went It Seems So Bright Can’t Even Last Till Noon… My question is, will it shine back later in the afternoon ??

It’s been a while that I’ve left my blog because that was those days when it shines bright. I’m not sure later in the afternoon, what will it be, sunny ?? rainy ?? or windy ??

I’ve met new people and become friends with them too, I won’t say that I’m lucky or vice-versa but, I’ll say that they are lucky if they can be with me haha… Why I say that ?? This is why, you love me and I love you too but, if you hate me, then I won’t say I hate you or I love you (",) I’ll just flow like the river but you keep on trying to burn on me. That’s totally impossible right ??

There are these bunches of people whom I know from my former school which nobody likes them. Trust me, nobody do except their selves and their own wierd friends. It is because they talk behind their friends to me and their friends do the same thing. I thought I may be the person they like and trust so what else did I do, just go with the flow and be the best person they ever know… I kind of like it, really, because I thought I know everything even the tiny bits. Hmm, what I never knew was that, they even talk behind me to other people and make me look really bad !! Why was I so stupid at that moment, why can’t I just think straight. Maybe the ego of me blooms or maybe…I don’t know what to say… I mean, if I knew they talk about their friends behind to me then why can’t I think for a second whether they do the same thing behind me to their friends…

There were times when I make decisions, just like a popular kid in school hehe… there were also when I’ve got things under control haha, that was totally cool of me =p So when I thought I can trust them then that is the time when I share some secrets on how to make a perfect muffins hahaha… Nah just kidding… To describe my glory in school is so much but to describe what I’ve strife is double the glory but opposite ways. Let’s make it short now, imagine your standing straight on top and then suddenly you are shot but you don’t feel anything at first not till the bullet turns into worms and destroys your body. That was the time I fall on the ground but only on my knees. I stand up straight and look at myself because I was lucky that the bullet pass through me. I do feel the pain people and it really hurts, it is better that way then it turns into worms in my body.

Now I’m leaving you to your own life, back to where you belong. I’m going further but I will remember the scar from the bullet because the scar won’t fade away… Unless I do some plastic-surgery haha… I’m trying to cheer up but I’m not sure if it is working or not. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, don’t even try to think about it haha…

Was I that fool ?? Nah… I will be better though because that was the story of me about ‘THE OTHER DAY’ I think the weather is shinning bright now and I have a plane to catch too… Bye you all !! Till my next blog hehe…

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